Canon EOS C500 Mark II Masterclass

The Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II has taken the indie feature film world by storm, with the game-changing features of a 6K, full-frame, stabilized sensor in a fully customisable, modular body. Instantly maxmize your C500 efficiency with this fully detailed training course!

If you own this camera or want to, this course will help you create amazing images without having to make expensive mistakes a long the way.
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What's included?

  • 21 Videos
  • Over 2.5 hours of instruction 
  • Colour Grading LUTs 

Everything you need to know to hit the set running.

The course covers exposure, focus, LUTs, false color, rigging the camera, stabilization, as well a audio, post production, proxies and color grading.

Save time and costly production errors.

This course will help you create amazing images with the Canon EOS C500 Mark II Cinema Camera, without having to make expensive production mistakes a long the way. 
Meet the instructor

Rubidium Wu

Rubidium is a writer, director, producer and cinematographer. He has a been working as a professional filmmaker for the last 20 years. Rubidium has a love of film tech and thoroughly enjoys bringing his enthusiasm for modern filmmaking tools to an education setting. He shares his knowledge in a clear, friendly and laid-back Australian manner.
Rubidium Wu - Course Author
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