C300 MK3 Masterclass


C300 Mark III Masterclass

Learn how to get the most from Canon's flagship S35 Camera.

Note: This course shares a couple of chapters with the C500 Mark II course as the cameras are similar and share the same user manual. 
Crimson Engine

What's included?

  • 20 Chapters
  • 4 Hours
  • 3 CLog2 LUTs

Become a C300 Master 

Learn everything you need to create amazing, world-class images on Canon's newest professional cinema camera.

Problem Solve

Be a authority on set and in your filmmaking community, Troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Take your C300 expertise to the next level!

Meet the instructor

Rubidium Wu

Rubidium is a writer, director, producer and cinematographer. He has a been working as a professional filmmaker for the last 20 years. Rubidium has a love of film tech and thoroughly enjoys bringing his enthusiasm for modern filmmaking tools to an education setting. 
Rubidium Wu - Course author
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