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Funding your
Feature Film 

What you need to know to create a budget, sharpen your pitch and get the money you need to make your script a reality.
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What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 40 minutes of video

Negotiate your best deal

It's not enough to find someone with money who loves your idea, you need craft a contract and agree to the terms that are fair and benifit everyone involved.

Go to where the Money is.

Not all investors are created equal. We break down who can invest and the work to reward ratio that means you don't waste your time chasing the wrong type of partner.
Meet the instructor

Rubidium Wu

Rubidium has written, directed and produced two feature films,
Brooklyn Tide and The Devil's Fortune, as well as numerous commercials, documentaries and short films.

His 20 years of experience in Australia, the UK and USA gives him a unique perspective on filmmaking in the digital age.
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