The Future of Camera Support

 Today we're talking about camera support and the Ergo Rig. This unique-looking vest is an innovative shoulder-mounted camera support system that allows you to carry heavier cameras for longer periods and achieve shots that were previously difficult to accomplish.

The Ergo Rig is easy and quick to set up, and I'm using the center fit and under-slung Pro bundle. The system includes a body harness that sits just above your shoulder and does not touch it at all, distributing all the weight to your ribs and hips. Once the camera is mounted on the shoulder, it feels like it's floating because there is no weight on the shoulder. The camera is centrally balanced for weight, allowing you to shoot longer and more comfortably than usual.
In addition, the Ergo Rig has an under-slung device called the under sling, which attaches to the shoulder rig on a short post. It comes with a big stretchy cord that allows you to shoot down low and frees up your hands. The device is adjustable, enabling you to control the amount of stretch and to brace it against your body, making it easier to focus and move around.

You will need an additional monitor when using the under sling because you won't be able to see your electronic viewfinder (EVF) while shooting in this way. Nonetheless, the device lets you adjust the cables and have the camera to the side, allowing you to focus and walk with it in a way that was not possible with previous support systems.
In conclusion, the Ergo Rig is an innovative camera support system that makes it easier to carry heavier cameras for longer periods and achieve shots that were once challenging to capture. With its unique design and under-slung device, the Ergo Rig offers a new level of comfort and flexibility to filmmakers, photographers, and videographers. So if you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use camera support system, the Ergo Rig might be worth considering.
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