Why the Canon C70 is STILL the Best Entry-Level Cinema Camera in 2022

Rubidium Wu
Why the Canon C70 is STILL the Best Entry-Level Cinema Camera in 2022

If you’ve ever Googled, “best entry-level cinema camera” and tried to compare hundreds of cinema cameras on the market, let me simplify things for you! The Canon C70, thanks to its quality and versatility, is the best option for new filmmakers. 

I talked all about it in a recent YouTube video here:
In a competitive camera landscape, the Canon C70 stands out for three key reasons:
 • Versatility
 • Quality
 • Usability

Let’s look at each in turn. 
1. Versatility
This is a key feature of the C70 and the top reason I love it so much. 

Key versatility features include an RF mount and super 35 sensor. This allows it to be adapted to:
 • Full frame EF with a speed booster, OR
 • PL with an RF to PL adapter (which is just $50.00), OR
 • New generation of high-quality cinema lenses

Beyond those options, the Canon C70 has a lot of options for rigging, depending on your needs and what you’re shooting. It’s light overall and can handle multiple attachments with ease. Here are a few options:
 • Build it up to a cinema rig
 • Strip it down and put it on a gimbal
 • Use it as a hand-held action camera
2. Quality

Another key reason the Canon C70 is such a good cinema camera is because of its all-around high-quality capabilities. 

The camera shoots in 12-bit RAW, in addition to 10-bit XF-AVC. The resulting format has deep colors and crisp images in a small-enough size (4K) that you can easily work with it. Other models that have 6K or 8K are great quality, but the files can be too large to easily work with in post-production. 

Other quality features include:
 • Good low-light capabilities.
 • Shoots clean blacks
 • High dynamic range sensor
 • Easy-to-use touch screen

3. Usability

Quality and versatility are the biggest draw to the Canon C70, but there are some other notable mentions here too. I’m going to combine them all into this last category: useability. They’re what make the camera great to use!

One thing I love is the option to load LUTs into the camera to preview what you’re shooting and shoot C-log 2 or 3. Or, you can load them in as [UNCLEAR] and burn them into the footage so you don’t have to create it in post-production. 

Some other things to love about the Canon C70:
 • Uses cheap and readily available SD cards.
 • Has 2 XLR audio mounts on the body of the camera
 • Has internal ND to control exposure
 • Compact and easy to travel with

And one of the best things about this camera—you can actually buy it. Unlike the Canon R5C, there are no chip shortages for this model, making it readily available to purchase. 

It’ll run you around $5,000, a fairly accessible entry point for most filmmakers. Because it’s been out for a while, you can also find some good second-hand options at a lower price point if you’re looking for a deal.

Overall, the Canon C70 is just a workhorse of a camera. It can be used for narrative, documentary, and corporate storytelling—all without having to switch up the rig between each shooting style. This makes it perfect for traveling with because it can do just about anything. 
There it is—my thesis on why the Canon C70 is still the best entry-level cinema camera in 2022. 

Do you have a Canon C70? What are your thoughts?

If you have this camera and want to use it to its full potential, I invite you to join my 3-hour masterclass on how to use it: www.canonmasterclass.com. 

And if you want to hear the full review of the Canon C70, check out the YouTube video where I dive deeper into all the features.
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