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Shooting Modes

How to pick the right mode for the right project and output.


Use the waveform and false color to protect highlights while preserving color information.


Get pin-sharp focus by mastering autofocus settings, face tracking, focus assist and peaking.


Make sure your sound will always be heard, as well as timecode and external recorders
Canon Masterclass helped me take control of my camera and shoot the film I'd always dreamed of making. Thank you.
- Robert M.
This is the missing manual. It saved me hours hunting through the manual and allowed me to shoot what I wanted to shoot.
- Jake O.
I don't have the time to learn by trial and error. This course got me up to speed in a evening and I was on set with a new camera the next day.
Duyen H.
Over the past year I've taken almost a dozen of the courses on this site and its transformed by career. I've gone from someone who was affraid to touch the camera to being confident lighting and shooting in almost any situation. Thank you.
- Derek R.
Rubidium is one of the few filmmakers who teaches from experience. This knowledge he's sharing is priceless. 
Tim J.
My only regret is that I waited too long to start. This course demysterfies the process to the point where anyone can do it. You just need the courage to begin.
- Tyson K.
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